Fence Repair

Our repair service will reinforce the damaged area of your fence and make it stronger to stand the test of bad weather conditions or unexpected potential bursts.


Residential Fence Repair

Fence repairs are common parts of household issued. Most often the repairs happen because of old or worn out fence parts and sometimes people decide to repair them by themselves as some of the repairs are quite easy to do it. For other issues you have to call on a reliable fence company team because you could get hurt or damage the fence more if trying to repair it by yourself. Some of the common problems owners have with the fences are:

  • Leaning or fallen fence.
  • Stained fence.
  • Rotten fence.
  • Damaged fence (missing boards or pickets).
  • Wobbly or sagging hinges.

Whatever the fence issues are, our team will do an on-site evaluation and deliver the top notch fence service repair you would expect from the company. Leave all the work to us for the best results on your residential fence repair services.


Commercial Fence Repair

The inevitable thing happened to you – you found your industrial fence to be broken by the weather condition or vandal activities. You cannot leave your business exterior to look like this for days as it will badly affect your professionalism in the eyes of your clients. Call our team to help you to repair and replace your industrial fence very fast.

What are some of the characteristics you have to consider while choosing the right fence type for your business? The process is a little bit different from choosing the right type for your home as industrial fences are made out of special material so that they endure all kinds of potential threats. Best commercial fence has to be:

  • Durable and reliable to protect business valuables
  • High-quality to withstand different weather conditions
  • Appealing aesthetics to attract but mostly amaze your clients

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Some of the common repairs include fixing broken panels or pickets, sagging posts, leaning fence sections, issues connected with the gate, excessive wear or rot, damage related to the weather conditions.

It will keep your fence in a good condition, it will stop the damage from getting worse, it will keep additional maintenance costs down and it will reduce the need for a complete replacement.

Proper construction as well as proper repair or replacement is a key to keep your fence looking stable, durable, strong and up to a job! You can be assured that the job will be done in a well-quality way when hiring a professional team.

Usually it takes a single day for our company to finish all fence-related issues you asked us to do. The only thing that requires an additional day is an extra services like installing the gate.

Think about the use that fence will have in your life (protection or beauty or both?), your financial situation, future plans (if selling the house than nice fence can increase the home value). If you cannot decide, ask our opinion and on-site assessment on what fence will be the best choice for your property.

No project is too big or too small for our team. We are recognizes by our clients as #1 fence company in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact our team for any questions regarding fence repair.