Fence Installation

There are numerous reasons that you chose to get a fence installed on your property, either to keep your property within your fenced area or to keep unwanted visitors from entering your property.


Residential Fence Installation

If you are wondering whether or not to have a fence installed on your property, let this couple of useful information be of a help to you with your decision. What could be some of the reasons for fence installation?

  • Security: One of the most important reasons for installing a fence is a security one. Maybe you are living in an area where the crime rates are higher so installing the fence would be a smart choice for the security of your household. It can help in preventing the possible intruders or trespassers from harming your home. There are several kinds of special fences designed for this purpose.
  • Safety: A fence is useful if you have animals or small children in your household. It can prevent them from wandering around causing you to constantly worry for their safety. A good reliable fence will prevent them to go outside of your yard when you are not looking.
  • Privacy: A fence gives your family peace and quiet time away from the noise neighborhood. Whether you want to have a nice Sunday launch with your family or a relaxing sunny Friday in your yard, fence will help you to achieve that. Nobody likes to share every aspect of his life to others so fence will ensure that your life is away from prying eyes.
  • Border line: A fence can also work as a barrier from unknown pets and wild animals to gain an access to your property and cause possible damage to your home. It can help you to mark your property correctly, especially if you have problems with your neighbors.
  • Aesthetics: Properly chosen fence can be a perfect addition to your home’s architecture. It can help to improve your home’s appeal and add higher value to your home’s price. Researches show that having a well-designed fence can actually increase the selling price of your home and positioned you better in the eyes of a potentials buyers.
Choosing the right type of fence depends on the terrain, home’s architecture and customer’s preferable choice of fence material. Our team can help you in this process by giving you detailed information on pros and cons for every material and fence style. From home fence installation focused more on aesthetic appeal to the one aimed to security and safety issue our team is here to help.

Commercial Fence Installation

Atlanta Fence Company is a leading provider of commercial fencing and other industrial fences in the Atlanta, Georgia – all at affordable prices. Our company has been serving businesses and commercial or industrial venues in Atlanta for years now which means we have the background you can trust. The knowledge and experience of our team of fencing experts means we care about the quality we provide while having the affordable competitive prices in the industry. We offer a full-service for businesses and industries – on-site assessment, detailed planning, non-stop customer service and high-graded expertise. You can trust us we will take care of all the fencing installation details.

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Some of the common repairs include fixing broken panels or pickets, sagging posts, leaning fence sections, issues connected with the gate, excessive wear or rot, damage related to the weather conditions.

It will keep your fence in a good condition, it will stop the damage from getting worse, it will keep additional maintenance costs down and it will reduce the need for a complete replacement.

Proper construction as well as proper repair or replacement is a key to keep your fence looking stable, durable, strong and up to a job! You can be assured that the job will be done in a well-quality way when hiring a professional team.

Usually it takes a single day for our company to finish all fence-related issues you asked us to do. The only thing that requires an additional day is an extra services like installing the gate.

Think about the use that fence will have in your life (protection or beauty or both?), your financial situation, future plans (if selling the house than nice fence can increase the home value). If you cannot decide, ask our opinion and on-site assessment on what fence will be the best choice for your property.

No project is too big or too small for our team. We are recognizes by our clients as #1 fence company in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact our team for any questions regarding fence installation.